Little Lambs

  • Part-time
    Mon.-Wed.-Fri OR Tue. & Thu.
  • Full-time
  • Half-day
    AM or PM

Class Goals: The goals of the Three’s class are to help children in 1) growing in their continuum of separating from their parents, 2) adapting to the school routine, and 3) to provide opportunities for children to become confident and creative learners.


Child to Adult Ratio: 1 adult for every 10 children


Class Activities: Below are the regular classroom activities for the 3s class. To minimize the spread of germs and protect children with allergies handwashing is done prior to school entry and before and after snack.

Daily Activities Skills Being Developed
Choice Time Exploration and an opportunity to focus on activities of their choice
Clean Up Social responsibility
Group Time Listening skills, respecting peers and teachers, communicating as a group
Snack Health and nutrition
Outdoor Play Social and large motor skills
Story Dramatization, movement, and language skills
Arabic/Islamic Studies Exposure to another language and introduction to belief/manners