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Germantown Kids at ISG Learning Center offers various classes to children 6-12 years old as an enrichment program within the subject listed on the left. We also offer daycare for virtual MCPS students.

Virtual Students – Daycare


TimeClassRoomDate RangeInstructor
8:30am-4:00pmMCPS202April 01, 2021 – Dec 15, 2021 Ms. S

Classes are going to be updated by end of Ramadan (InshaAllah)


TimeClassRoomDate RangeInstructor
4:00pmQuran203Aug 21, 2021 – Dec 15, 2021 

Transportation is available for the following schools:

Ceder Grove Elementary
William B Gibbs Jr. Elementary
Fox Chapel Elementary
Germantown Elementary
Great Seneca Creek Elementary
Walters Landing Elementary
Sally K. Ride Elementary
Captain James Elementary
Lake Seneca Elementary
Please inquire for more details.