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Class Goals: The goals and environment in the Four/Five’s class (pre-K) is to provide opportunities to embrace learning through creative, exploratory, and hands-on activities. Children are encouraged to be self-confident and take responsibility of their learning. Opportunities to enhance their listening and speaking skills as well as pre-reading and writing abilities are provided and participation in these opportunities is encouraged. The curriculum for the Four/Five’s class includes opportunities to develop cognitive and language skills, mathematical skills, scientific thinking, art appreciation, social/individual problem solving skills, and fine and large motor skills.


Child to Adult Ratio: 1 adult for every 10 children


Class Activities: Below are the regular classroom activities for the 4/5s class. To minimize the spread of germs and protect children with allergies handwashing is done prior to school entry and before and after snack.

Daily Activities Skills Being Developed
Meeting Time Listening, following instructions, respecting peers and teachers, communicating as a group
Free Choice Art exploration, fine manipulative, dramatic and social interaction, and small group activities
Clean Up Social and community responsibility
Islamic Studies Exploration of Islamic beliefs, manners, and Prophets’ stories
Hand Washing/Snack Health, nutrition, and self-help skills
Arabic/Quran Explore another language and religious text
Story Time Dramatization, prediction, recall, and sequencing
Sounds Rhythm and movement
Show and Tell Sharing, asking, inquisitive questions, group participation
Outdoor Play Social and large motor skills