Physical, cognitive, sensory and emotional skills are developed through opportunities for play, experimentation and exploration in the classroom.


Curriculum for Germantown Kids @ ISG Learning Center is developed by the educational staff and is implemented in a partnership with our educational advisor. The curriculum is research-based and developmentally appropriate. Daily planning includes opportunities for small and large group, active and quiet, and indoor and outdoor activities. Children are encouraged to make choices. On top of our core curriculum, we build an appreciation and foundation of Islamic studies, manners, and etiquette as well as learning the Arabic language and the Quran.


Experiences are provided to promote the development of skills in observation, problem-solving and understanding of cause and effect. These activities provide exposure to mathematical concepts of measurement and afford opportunities to use skills in comparing and contrasting. Children are encouraged to expand their appreciation of their environment and the natural world through exploration and experimentation.

Art Area

Includes graphic arts (such as paint, crayons, chalk) as well as modeling materials (including clay, play dough, slime), paste and collage and a diverse collection of other “found objects.” Art activities provide opportunity for motor, self-expression and creativity. It is the interaction with materials rather than the finished product that is important.

Home Skills

Includes use of thematically based “prop boxes” to create interesting environments for fantasy and make-believe play. Kitchen or “housekeeping” equipment includes furniture, dishes, clothing and other materials familiar to the child. Dramatic play provides opportunities for role-playing in make-believe and real life situations. It builds creative thinking, language, social skills and self-image.


Children learn Arabic as a world language. We go through the alphabet and move forward with basic words and phrases. By the end of our program, many will be able to speak basic statements and be able to answer basic questions.

Islamic Studies

Children interact with stories of our prophets and learn basic Islamic manners and etiquette which will help develop a strong foundation


Children will be introduced to the Quran and learn and memorize small surahs and duas with tajweed.